Texas birth injury lawyers reviewed birth injury case

Texas birth injury lawyers recently reviewed a potential birth injury case involving a newborn baby who had purportedly struggled for oxygen for approximately 10 minutes after birth.

The facts about the potential birth injury case

At full term, a mother was admitted to the hospital for spontaneous labor in July 2015. She had regular check ups throughout her pregnancy, and she went into the hospital without any serious concerns. She was healthy, and as far as she knew, her baby was healthy as well. She and her family were prepared to bring a beautiful baby girl into this world and they could not have been happier.

The mother had a vaginal delivery where birth-assisting devices, such as a vacuum, were used, and she gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl weighing 9 lbs and 13 oz.

She had concerns during the labor and delivery process and her concerns heightened after her daughter’s birth. She had been pregnant once before and she was familiar with the labor and delivery process, so she knew she had reason to worry.

At birth, her daughter’s right arm was broken and the muscles in her left arm had been strained. The child was born purple and not breathing. Additionally, her daughter was transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at a neighboring children’s hospital due to oxygen deprivation. They also used a cooling blanket on her.  The newborn baby still remains at the NICU facility and was only recently taken off of a breathing tube.

It has already been determined that the child will need physical therapy, as well as a neurological consult.

The Texas birth injury lawyers who recently reviewed the case are still waiting to view and analyze the labor and delivery records, NICU records, MRI results, and the fetal monitoring strips. After their review of the records, they will consult with a medical professional and determine whether or not it a case that they are able to pursue.

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