Financial Support for Infants with Brain Damage

Life with a child with a birth injury can be difficult. For birth injuries that are curable, there are years of painful surgeries, doctor’s appointments, occupational and physical therapy appointments, support group meetings, and expensive medications. Life with a child with a birth injury that manifests as a brain injury can be even more difficult. There is no quick and painful surgery that can fix your child’s brain injury, and you may have a lifetime of these doctor’s appointments and therapy appointments. A lifetime of this care can get expensive, but there is financial help available.

ACT Today!

ACT (Autism Care and Treatment) Today! is a group devoted to helping support autistic children in military families. You can find information for this group at


The Autism Society of America increases awareness and strives to help families with autistic children. You can find more information at

Autism Speaks

A foundation dedicated to raising awareness and research for the cure of autism, this group provides treatment, education, and services for children through adulthood. You can find more information at

Benefits for Infants with Disabilities

Did you know that children with disabilities qualify for social security income or supplemental security income? To find out more information, visit

CDC Autism Information Center

As the Autism Information Center, this website alerts parents to any grants or opportunities available for children with autism. Find out more information at


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is a governmental program that ensures that a disabled child has the appropriate education that he or she needs. This act helps to provide individualized education with 504s and IEPs, but it also provides educational tools to children who qualify. Find out more at

Life Care Plan

Every family with a child with a birth injury from medical malpractice should consider a birth injury lawsuit. This lawsuit not only stops the medical provider from making the same mistake during another birth, but it also provides a Life Care Plan for the family in question, providing for the exorbitant medical costs for that child’s lifetime. Life Care Plans could be as extensive as paying for adaptive equipment and respite care for parents, or as simple as paying for lifetime behavioral medications.

Military OneSource Special Needs Assistance

Another military-based program, this group strives to assist military families with special needs children. To find out about the assistance and resources available, visit


The National Autism Association helps to provide direct-assistance programs for families with autistic children. To learn more about this program, visit


The Department of Education Special Needs Office provides financial support to special needs children who qualify. For more information, check out

Shriners Hospitals for Children

If your child has a brain injury and requires hospital treatment and care, the Shriners have supported hospitals that specialize in individualized children care. Find out more at

The Arc

Provides support and resources for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For more information on how your child can benefit from this support, visit

VFW National Home for Children

Intended to help military families, the VFW National Home for Children helps to provide support for the disabled child when a Life Care Plan has failed or when single-parent families need a place to stay. For more information, visit

Vocational Training for Children with Spina Bifida or Other Birth Defects

While this service is paid for by the VA and the VFW, all children with birth defects qualify for vocational training that allows them to learn how to be successful, productive members of society. More information is at

Additional Resources on Brain Damage

For more in-depth information on infant brain damage, including detection, diagnosis, causes, prognoses, treatment options, and much more, we invite you to fill out our form today for a free, comprehensive Birth Injury Guide. Along with important details on infant brain, you’ll also learn about your rights and options if your baby was injured dues to careless medical mistakes.