Financial Support for Infant Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to endure. You weren’t planning on a funeral, you were planning on life. Now you have the medical bills from trying to save the baby or the mother, you have the funeral expenses, and you have a sense of loss. What you’re going through is hard enough–paying for it shouldn’t be hard, too.

How Can I Get Financial Assistance for the Wrongful Death of an Infant?

The only way to get financial assistance for a wrongful death is to file a lawsuit. Survivors of wrongful death victims often don’t want to take this route because it involves months of testimonies, paperwork, and court dates. But while this sounds like an added time commitment that you’re not sure you can withstand at this moment in your life, it really will help.

How Does a Trial Help for the Wrongful Death of a Baby?

Perhaps the most obvious help that a wrongful death trial can aid with is financial aid. This way, you can be sure that the sometimes-exorbitant bills are paid for, including medical, burial, and funeral expenses.

While no one can put a price on your loved one and while no one can bring him or her back to you, you can argue pain and suffering damages for the grief you have to withstand. Pain and suffering damages aren’t just a lump sum that you ask for because you’re grieving: this sum can also pay for treatment and therapy that you may need to undergo such as grief counseling, antidepressant medications, or other expenses due to grief.

What If a Lawsuit is the Last Thing I Want to Do?

Another help of the trial is a different kind of therapy. Because you’re working on preserving justice of what has happened and because you’re trying to keep that medical provider from doing the same thing to another family, the sometimes exhausting means of filling out paperwork and attending meetings and court dates is an action that helps you to feel like you’re doing something good.

Many grieving family members may want to just take time off of work and to nurse their grief, but studies show that grieving family members that work toward justice will generally help themselves heal faster. While a lawsuit sounds like a lot of work, it’s a measure of therapy that helps you to get healthy faster and to help pay for the bills that you did not plan for.

What Do I Need to Prepare for a Lawsuit?

When you’re preparing for a lawsuit, you need to get as much paperwork in order as possible. Bills are one form of paperwork, but you can also collect written testimonies of friends, family members, or witnesses to the medical staff and their actions on the day in question.