Birth Injury Law Firm

When your child has been diagnosed with a birth injury, it’s important to follow through with a birth injury lawsuit. Especially when a Life Care Plan is drafted for your child will you be able to see how exorbitant some of the costs of necessary medical care are, and how much financial help you need. Most families don’t have millions of dollars waiting around in a savings account in case their child is diagnosed with a birth injury, and because of that, a birth injury trial is necessary so that the parties responsible for injuring your child can help you pay for these unforeseen costs. But how do you get to that point? If you need help choosing and experienced law firm, take a look at these tips.

Narrow Your Search

You should be looking over a number of different law firms in your area. Don’t merely pick one law firm from the Yellow Pages and go with it: instead, you should be doing your research and creating a list of appropriate law firms in your area. However, you shouldn’t feel the need to call all of them (and you probably don’t have the time to): instead, narrow your search. When you’re narrowing your search, you should filter law firms by identifying whether they have any experience in birth injuries and medical malpractice. Don’t merely pick a law firm that has experience in medical malpractice –birth injuries is a form of medical malpractice that your case is in and you want a lawyer that specializes in that area.

Filter Experience

Once you’ve created a list of law firms that have experience in birth injuries and medical malpractice, you should do some research to identify which cases they’ve had with this specialty. The internet is a tremendous resource in terms of this kind of research. While lawyers seldom detail cases on their websites (and, in fact, if they did, it would seem unprofessional), cases tried in court are considered part of the public record. You shouldn’t be looking for finite, personal details so much as identifying the years that these cases were fought, and what the final verdict was. You want to select a law firm that not only has deal with birth injury cases recently (within the last five years), but has also had success fighting birth injury cases in court.

Initially Meet

Once you have identified which law firms fought birth injury cases successfully and recently, you should meet with them. You may have a smaller list at this point –perhaps 3-5 law firms. Make an appointment with each law firm on your list, and make sure that this is an initial appointment to see who you should work with. As you are trying the law firm out, make sure that you are paying attention to how the administrational staff handles your calls and your appointment, pay attention to your interaction with the law firm, and see whether you’re comfortable with this law firm. When they know that you are trying out a few different law firms to see which one fits, they may react in a number of ways: some may act very nicely in an effort to win your favor, while others may seem reserved, knowing that you’re shopping around.

Gut Instinct

After you meet with your small list of law firms, you should decide upon a law firm. Go with your gut instinct and choose to work with the group that you feel the most comfortable with. You want a law firm that will do the job right (which is why you filtered your list), but you also want a law firm that you feel comfortable with, as sometimes these cases get very personal and last for a few years.

Make a Follow-Up Appointment

When you make the follow-up appointment, you may not be completely sure, yet, that you’ve made the right choice. For example, you might be between two great firms that you wrestle with the pros and cons of. But when you choose one law firm and make a follow-up appointment, spend that appointment validating your choice. As you go through each step of that appointment, ask yourself why this law firm will do that job right and why you choose that firm. You can discontinue your relationship during this meeting if you’re still not sure –but also consider that you chose this law firm from gut instinct, and you can trust yourself to follow through with them.