Bentonite Me Baby Lawyer Information: Dangers of Lead Exposure


Do you need help finding ‘Bentonite Me Baby’ Lawyer Information after using the clay product manufactured by Alikay Naturals? The Bentonite Me Baby FDA Warning alerts consumer of elevated lead levels creating a significant cause for concern.

Consumers rely on the skills and experience of manufacturers, as well as the regulations of the government to keep them safe from defective or dangerous products. Unfortunately, when it comes to manufacturing products, there is always a risk of human error, negligence, or simple mistakes. When these factors cause injury or illness, consumers must be diligent in learning more about their legal rights as a consumer.

Bentonite Me Baby Potentially Dangerous Product

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently investigating a popular skincare product after laboratory tests revealed the presence of lead. The product, Bentonite Me Baby manufactured by Alikay Naturals, is a clay product designed for detoxifying and cleansing the skin and hair. Sold at major retailers like Sally Beauty Supply and Target, the FDA now warns consumers to cease using or purchasing the product until further notice.

Bentonite Me Baby is acclaimed as an all-natural clay product made from aged volcanic ash. The primary uses include emulsifying the clay into a mask for skin and hair. Some retailers suggest that the clay is safe for ingestion as a digestive detoxification, but Alikay Naturals denies support of such use.

Dangers of Lead Exposure

In adults, lead exposure can lead to damaged kidneys, immune system, and central nervous system. In children, lead exposure can result in behavior difficulties, diminished IQ, and impaired cognitive functioning. Lead exposure is also a serious concern for expectant mothers, as lead can be passed to the fetus through the mother’s blood.

Research suggests that maternal lead exposure can have adverse consequences on the fetus and newborn infant. During pregnancy, complications may include hypertension, low birth weight, impaired development, and spontaneous abortion. After delivery, lead exposure may continue to cause problems with brain, kidney, or nervous functions, as well as developmental or behavioral problems.

Bentonite Me Baby Lawyer Information

At Brown, Wharton & Brothers, our attorneys are well aware of the dangers of lead exposure. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights as a consumer. If you have suffered a birth injury, or your child has been diagnosed with lead poisoning due to a dangerous product, it is important to explore your legal rights. Consumers who suffer damages due to a dangerous or contaminated product may have the right to file a lawsuit in pursuit of recovery for economic and other losses. The best way to understand your rights and options is to speak with an attorney about the details of your case.