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Misdiagnosed Pregnancy and the Dangers of Doctor Negligence

When doctors fail to abide by the standards of medical care that their positions demand, your health and well-being can suffer, and your legal rights may be seriously violated.  Here, we discuss misdiagnosed pregnancy and the dangers of doctor negligence. …

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Information about Essure and Fetal Deaths

Essure and Fetal Deaths A device designed to prevent pregnancy, Essure is causing quite a stir as thousands of women and families come forward with complaints of serious side effects, complicated pregnancies, and even death.  In this article, we will …

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States Considering No-Fault Birth Injury Fund

For more than three years, Maryland lawmakers have debated implementing a no-fault birth injury fund designed to financially support babies born with neurological birth injuries.  As Maryland and other states consider something like a no-fault birth injury fund, there is still …

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