Negligent Hospital Staff

Negligent hospital staff can cause or contribute to birth injuries. Find out more about what you can do to hold them accountable.

When you are pregnant, you have a number of expectations. You follow the physical and diet guidelines that allow you to be active and healthy without risking the health of the fetus. You also make preparations such as a nursery, clothes, toys and other items for you and your baby. But you never imagine that negligent hospital staff will cause a cloud to form over your situation.

There is nothing more frustrating than going through nine months of a healthy pregnancy and then experiencing someone’s “mistake” that results in a huge alteration in your plans. You want your baby to be normal and healthy. But now your baby is in pain and it is your responsibility to make new plans. How did this happen? One of the ways this could happen is due to a negligent doctor, hospital staff or midwife.

How Can the Hospital Staff Cause a Birth Injury?

Everyone has heard horror stories about negligent hospital staff switching babies at birth. But there are other more common ways in which infants can suffer due to the negligence of the hospital staff.

For example, Erb’s palsy is a medical disorder that may develop if the hospital staff attempts to pick the baby up from his or her arms instead of securely from the back and neck. Other injuries may occur if a negligent hospital staff member administers the inappropriate drug or dose of a drug.

Hospital staff members are encouraged to administer vaccinations and perform screenings for infant hearing, infections, and other potential conditions. Any number of mistakes can occur with these tests and screenings. It’s best to have one person observing the baby at all times to make sure no mistakes occur.

Who is Liable if a Hospital Staff Causes Injuries to a Baby?

Liability will depend upon where the injuries take place. For example, if a nurse is hired by a hospital, it’s the hospital’s responsibility to ensure that the nurse is qualified and experienced. If the hospital hires an incompetent nurse without first screening for education and experience, the hospital may be liable for negligent birth injuries.

negligent hospital staff

In some instances, a pharmaceutical company may be liable for damages, especially if they fail to give warning about possible side effects and risks. However, in many instances, a physician has the primary role in advising patients on the risks of medications.

Get Help for Birth Injuries Caused by Negligent Hospital Staff

If your newborn is suffering from a birth injury caused by negligent hospital staff, it is important to contact a birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. Parents can hold hospitals, healthcare providers and hospital staff accountable for negligence. To learn how, call Birth Injury Guide for a free case review at 1-877-415-6603. Or, fill out our online form to get started.

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