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Can EMT and Paramedic Negligence Cause Birth Injuries?

Our attorneys regularly receive questions about medical malpractice and negligence.  One question recently asked was, “Can EMT and paramedic negligence cause birth injuries?”  Here, we will answer that question and also provide more information about how EMT and paramedic negligence …

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Why are Forceps Commonly Linked to Birth Injuries?

Forceps are often used during labor and delivery to assist with the birthing process.  Unfortunately they are frequently linked to birth injuries as well, which raises the question, Why are forceps commonly linked to birth injuries?  In the article below we look at the …

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Support Options for Brachial Plexus Injury Victims

October 16-22 marked national Brachial Plexus Awareness Week.  In honor of this worthy cause, we offer this post all about support options for brachial plexus injury victims.  We hope this article will help families touched by brachial plexus injuries be …

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