Four More Inclined Sleepers Recalled in Efforts to Prevent Infant Deaths

In January 2020, four more companies announced voluntary recalls of inclined sleepers.  Federal regulators are pushing manufacturers to pull inclined sleepers from the market entirely amid concerns about infant deaths.  You may recall in April 2019 Fisher-Price came under fire due to the number of infant deaths linked to their Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.  Birth Injury Guide reported the outrage from regulators and child safety advocates in our post, “Infant Deaths Linked to Fisher-Price Sleeper Prompt Outrage.”

Medical authorities say that inclined sleepers violate “safe sleep guidelines.” Babies should not sleep at an angle or incline, as they can twist, turn or rollover into the soft fabric of the sleeper.  The result is, tragically, that many infants have suffocated in sleepers like those being recalled.  Since the original Fisher-Price recall and investigation, more than 70 deaths have been linked to the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.

Since April 2019, numerous manufacturers have issued recalls or have pulled similar products from store shelves.  Now, four more manufacturers are recalling their inclined sleeper products, even though there are no infant deaths associated with those specific brands.

Inclined Sleepers Recalled Amid Concerns About Infant Deaths

Adding to the growing list of manufacturers recalling inclined sleepers are four more popular brands.  Graco, Evenflo, Delta Enterprise and Summer Infant are all voluntarily recalling inclined sleeper products.  The recall details include:

Graco Little Lounger Rocking Seat

infant deaths, Graco, inclined sleeper
Source: CPSC

Graco is recalling all of their Little Lounger Rocking Seats.  Graco has sold around 111,000 units in the United States, and around 1,800 in Mexico.  The model numbers subject to the recall include:

  • 1872034
  • 1875063
  • 1875102
  • 1877160
  • 1882081
  • 1896313
  • 1908957
  • 1914283
  • 2047734
  • 1922809

Consumers can identify the product by the model number, which is located on one of the legs.  The Little Lounger Rocking Seat is sold at Target and Babies R Us, and may be available at other retailers.  Consumers should stop using products in this recall immediately.  Graco is offering a refund or voucher to consumers who have the product.  Consumers can learn more by contacting Graco.

Evenflo Pillo Portable Napper

Evenflo, inclined sleeper
Source: CPSC

Evenflo is recalling Pillo Portable Nappers due to the risk of infant suffocation.  Around 3,100 units are subject to the recall.  The Nappers were sold at major retailers including, Buy Buy Baby, Kohl’s, JC Penney, Target and Wal-Mart.  Consumers can identify the product by the model number, which is printed on a label on the leg of the Napper.  The model number is 12132125.

Consumers who have the Pillo Portable Napper are eligible for a refund or voucher.  Refunds are available for consumers with proof of purchase.  Vouchers to use at are available to consumers who purchased the Napper more than 12 months ago.  To find out more about refunds and vouchers, visit the Evenflo website.

Delta Enterprise Corp. Incline Sleeper

Delta, inclined sleeper
Source: CPSC

Delta Enterprise Corp. is recalling multiple models of the Delta Incline Sleeper with Adjustable Feeding Position for Newborns.  The recall includes various branded versions of the product, including:

  • Beautyrest Beginnings Incline Sleeper with Adjustable Feeding Position for Newborns
  • Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Incline Sleeper with Adjustable Feeding Position for Newborns
  • Delta Children Deluxe 3-in-1 Activity Rocker, Feeder and Sleeper
  • Simmons Kids Beautyrest Deluxe 3-in-1 Activity Rocker, Feeder, and Sleeper
  • 3-in-1 Activity Rocker, Feeder and Incline Sleeper

Around 5,900 units are subject to the recall.  Consumers can identify the products in the recall by looking at the model number on the frame and label.  The model numbers subject to the recall include:

  • 27404-2255
  • 27404-437
  • 27404-758
  • 27404-942

These sleepers were sold in stores and online via K-Mart, ToysRUs, and  Consumers who have the product can contact Delta Enterprise Corp. for a cash refund or voucher.  There are no reports of injuries or infant deaths with any of these models.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper

Summer infant, inclined sleeper
Source: CPSC

Summer Infant is recalling the SwaddleMe by Your Bed Sleeper, a free-standing inclined sleeper unit.  Around 46,300 units are subject to the recall.  Consumers may have purchased the Sleeper at Buy Buy Baby, or other major retailers.  The model number subject to the recall is 91394.  The number is located on the cross bar of the frame.

Anyone with the SwaddleMe Sleeper should discontinue use immediately.  Consumers who have the Sleeper can obtain a refund or voucher from Summer Infant.  More details about the refund and voucher terms are available on the Summer Infant website.

Are Inclined Sleeper Recalls Preventing Infant Deaths?

When Consumer Reports originally investigated infant deaths related to the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, it was unclear how dangerous the sleepers were.  Since then, reports of infant injuries and deaths have increased.  Safety advocates, healthcare providers and regulators are now calling on manufacturers and retailers to step up efforts in preventing infant deaths.

In November 2019, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced plans to eventually ban all inclined sleepers with more than a 10-degree angle.  This ban would effectively eliminate inclined sleepers from the market.  Progress on such a ban is tedious and lengthy.

In the meantime, many retailers are stopping sales of all inclined sleepers, even if they are not subject to a recall.  So far, Wal-Mart, Amazon, eBay and Buy Buy Baby have all stopped selling the products.  Even though many of the sleepers do not have a history of causing injury or death, retailers and manufacturers are acting out of an abundance of caution.

Can Consumers Help Prevent Injuries and Infant Deaths?

Now, the focus shifts to consumers.  Consumers must recognize the risks and stop using the products.  In August 2019, reports surfaced that 10 percent of daycare facilities in the U.S. were still using inclined sleepers subject to a recall.  In our article, “Infant Wrongful Death Woes Not Over: Daycares Still Use Recalled Sleepers” we reported that millions of infants may still be at risk due to consumers not heeding the CPSC warnings.  Even with the best efforts of organizations like the CPSC and public interest group Kids in Danger, consumers continue to use products that are a risk to the safety of infants.

The Executive Director of Kids in Danger says the organization “is glad to see CPSC using their authority to get these dangerous products off the market and out of homes.”

The organization further hopes that consumers will listen and stop using dangerous products.

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