Birth Injury Guide’s 10 Tips for NICU Parents

No parent wants to imagine that their baby will need to spend time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). But for many families, that is a reality. Parents who have a baby in the NICU feel the gamut of emotions as they wait for the day they can take their new addition home. Whether it is a few days or a few months, this time in NICU can be both scary and rewarding. By staying positive and looking to the future, parents can find a great deal of love and friendship in those they meet in the NICU. This is also a wonderful time to heal from any medical conditions – such as a birth injury – and get to know your baby while they continue to heal and grow and thrive.

Here at Birth Injury Guide, our team knows what it’s like to be a “NICU parent”. Some of our own team members have experienced NICU life for extended periods of time. From their experience and advice from experts, we offer these 10 tips for NICU parents to help you get through your NICU stay in the most positive way possible.

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Having a baby in NICU can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or a completely negative experience. Consider these 10 tips from Birth Injury Guide. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about your baby’s care. We are here to support parents and families affected by birth injuries and medical malpractice. Find out more by calling us at 877-415-6603, or by filling out our contact form.


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