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Bentonite Me Baby FDA Warning Consumer Information

The FDA report issued in January states that the product Bentonite Me Baby, which is manufactured by Alikay Naturals, could be contaminated with lead. The FDA reports that a laboratory analysis of the clay product indicated elevated levels of lead. Bentonite Me Baby is an all-natural clay product made from aged volcanic ash. When mixed with water, oil, or cider vinegar, the clay can be applied like a mask to the face, hair, or body. The properties of the clay are said to include detoxification, cleansing, and rejuvenation.

While Alikay Naturals reports that they do not recommend the product for internal consumption, some retailers do list the product as being useful for digestive detoxification. Exposure to lead is extremely dangerous, and consumers have been warned to stop using or purchasing the Bentonite Me Baby products immediately.

FDA Warning about Lead Exposure

Lead exposure can result in serious consequences to an individual’s health. Lead exposure has been linked to damage in the kidneys, central nervous system, immune system, and reproductive systems. Lead exposure among pregnant women can also have negative consequences on the unborn child including low birth weight, hypertension, spontaneous abortion, and impaired neurodevelopment.

Pregnant women should be extremely mindful of lead exposure and seek medical attention immediately if they believe they have been exposed to a dangerous product. Similarly, healthcare providers should be diligent in monitoring lead levels during laboratory testing, which is a routine part of prenatal healthcare. If lead levels are elevated, it is important for the health of the mother and child to address and treat the situation as soon as possible.

Protect Your Rights

Consumers purchase products with the trust that manufacturers distribute only safe, quality products. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes or negligence leads to contamination or defects, which can put consumers and their loved ones at risk. Anytime a consumer is injured or becomes ill due to a defective or contaminated product, it is important that he or she contact an attorney to learn more about consumer rights. Consumers who are injured or have suffered economic or other losses due to a defective or contaminated product may have the right to file a lawsuit in pursuit of recovery for their expenses and losses.

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