Educational Resources for Children with Birth Injuries

Private Special Education

While private special education is typically an option that requires more tuition, private special education may be the best option for parents who want their children to work with special education professionals. Private special education often involves teachers trained in special education who have prepared curricula for children with the same kind of developmental disabilities that your child may have. Private special education is a way for your student to go to school, socialize with other students that are at his or her level, and to have a school day that is adaptable for your student’s specialized needs. If you prefer this option but cannot afford it, there are resources for you: the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has made it possible for opportunities for scholarships and tuition assistance.

Public Special Education

Public special education may be an option for students with more mild disabilities, or with students with a severe birth injury who prefers to be mainstreamed as a social outlet. Every public school has a special education counselor who can meet your student’s needs and adapt the curriculum however necessary to adjust to your student’s level. Teachers are accommodating and meet with the counselor, with you, and with the student to make sure that all of the needs of the student are fairly met.

Apps for Games and Tutoring

The modern age has proven to have a number of resourceful tools available to students with learning disabilities. By searching “special education apps,” you can find a number of tools that can help tutor and educate the student with special needs –there are even apps available to support moms who are raising special needs children. These apps can be used in part of the homeschooling curriculum, or they can be used to supplement public or private special education.

Exercise for Physical Education

Kids want to go outside and play no matter what their special case is. Special needs children are no different, and in fact some physicians require more exercise of children with special needs so that they can maintain health. No matter whether you’re student is educated in a public school, privately, or at home, you can incorporate exercise, sports, physical therapy, and/or physical games as a way of increasing physical education.