Respite Care for Parents of Children with Birth Injuries

Being a parent can be an exhausting thing. You love them and care for them more than anyone else will, you make sacrifices, and you persevere. It’s a thankless job, but you don’t need any thanks for what you do: you love your kids and there are moments of great joy. But everyone needs a break –particularly parents of children with birth injuries.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is temporary care for disabled, injured, and/or special needs babies and kids.. The motto of respite care is that caretakers need to be taken care of, too. Just by checking into respite care, parents of children with birth injuries can slow down and focus on rest.

How Can Respite Care Help?

Having a child with a developmental disorder or with a birth injury can be demanding and time-consuming.  Respite care is designed to be an oasis from these pressures so that you and your spouse can focus on your marriage and find rest or if you’re a single parent, time to take a breather or get pertinent chores done while your baby is in the care of qualified professionals.

Respite care recharges the batteries, giving parents the energy to move forward with daily challenges, and lowers the risk of depression and anxiety disorders among parents.

Respite care can also be a time-out to get caught up. This could include family counseling sessions, or it could include parenting classes. Some parents fear that their children have needs they can’t meet, but taking a time out to learn about being a caretaker ends up being time well spent.

What Does Respite Care Look Like?

Respite care can happen inside the home or outside the home. It can be a few hours, a few days, or it can resemble a camp-like setting for your child. You can choose for you and your spouses respite care to be spent alone in a relaxing way, or you can hire a respite care specialist to watch your child as you run errands that you can’t take your child on. Respite care is really designed to be tailored as best to your needs as possible. Maybe all you need is a date night to dinner and a movie.

What Does Childcare Look Like?

Because a big part of relaxation is trusting that your child is taken care of, respite care specialists are trained to look after your child. After all, when you have a child with a birth injury or a developmental disability, you can’t just hire the average babysitter. Instead, a respite care specialist will be contracted hourly to take care of your child. Often a respite care specialist will say that the in-home environment is the best for the child because he or she is comfortable in that environment, and your home is generally already equipped with the special needs and requirements that your child has.

If you elect to have your child go away on an extended stay in a camp-like setting, you can be rest assured that the camp staff are fully trained and know how to take care of your child. To ease your mind, you can also meet with the camp staff before the visit, and you can exchange cell phone numbers for peace of mind. These specialists are trained to excellently take care of your kids so that you truly can rest.

Is Respite Care Expensive?

While a night at the movies doesn’t sound expensive, the cost of dinner and a movie compounded with the cost of hiring a respite care specialist hourly to watch your child could be costly. This doesn’t mean that you should skip respite care–respite care relieves tension so that you can better care for your child.

Some respite care might be entitled to you through state and governmental agencies, or you may choose to include the costs of respite care in your Life Care Plan that you construct for your child. Respite care may sound like a luxury, but it’s an investment in maintaining peace and rest.