Support Groups for Infant Wrongful Death

Support groups are important for networking, bereavement, and resources, especially when the support group involves a wrongful death lawsuit. Support groups are banded together from community members, members of the medical community, and people who have been touched by wrongful death lawsuits, usually because of a wrongful death in his or her own family. If you have recently suffered from the loss of a wrongful death, you may want to think about the benefits of getting in contact with and joining a support group.

When Should I Join a Support Group for the Wrongful Death of an Infant?

When your family member has been deemed a victim of a wrongful death from a birth injury, it’s likely that the hospital chaplain will get you in contact with a bereavement support group, or a support group that is specifically related to wrongful deaths from birth injuries (there are a number of support groups related to these topics and the chaplain could put you in contact with several). Sometimes the pressure of attending a support group of this kind is too overwhelming for a family member who has just lost a loved one.

No one from a support group expects you to attend a meeting until you’re ready, until you’re ready to talk about the wrongful death and the grief you feel related to that. If you attend the meeting and you realize meanwhile that you’re not ready to talk about it, it’s okay to tell everyone that you’re not ready to talk about it and that you’ll just listen to everyone else. You may listen to someone else’s story and find empathy from a shared experience and then decide to share, or you may listen to the stories and decide that your grief is too different and that you don’t need to come back.

Support groups have the pure motivation of being around just to network people who have similar experiences and who need to not feel alone. If you don’t feel that you can bond with anyone in the group over a shared loss, it may not be the right support group for you. That’s okay: there are plenty of support groups to choose from.

What are the Benefits of Being in a Support Group?

The benefits of being in a support group are voluminous. First of all, you get to hear from people’s shared experiences. No one is expected to share every detail of their story, but sometimes what people need is just the opportunity to speak to people who understand him or her –and to people who have been there. Second of all, if it is a support group who has multiple members fighting wrongful death cases, the other members may have advice to offer regarding the navigation of the law process through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Anytime you go through a lawsuit, there are unexpected obstacles and someone who has already traversed that path can help you navigate it. Another benefit of attending a support group includes the friendships that stem from shared bereavement. You may make a lifelong friend, or you may make a temporary friend who is just with you during this time to help you get through it.