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Odón Device May Help Prevent Future Birth Injuries

Every day, difficult pregnancies result in physicians using birth-assisting tools such as a vacuum extraction tool or forceps.  Yet the use of birth-assisting tools is one of the most common reasons that birth injuries keep […]

Preterm Infant Brain Injuries the Focus of RSNA Study

\A study published by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) reveals that babies born between 32 to 35 weeks have the highest risk of developing infant brain injuries and developmental delays.  This is most likely […]

Nighttime Birth Injuries More Common Than Daytime

According to a recent study, birth injuries are more common at night than during the day.  A few factors may play into why this happens.  Experts suggest that medical staff that work nights typically have […]

The Risks of Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is a way for physicians to monitor an unborn infant’s heartbeat and to ensure that there are no medical complications.  Although it is beneficial to have the peace of mind in […]

Infant Jaundice: More Harmful Than You May Think

There is a common misconception that newborn jaundice is a relatively minor condition that will clear up on it’s own.  Although that may be true in some cases, every child is different. It is always […]

Use of Forceps During Delivery Comes Under Fire in New Facebook Campaign

After Allen Coats and Rachel Melancon’s infant daughter suffered fatal birth injuries due to a physician’s improper, and potentially negligent, use of forceps during delivery, they created a Facebook campaign.  The campaign urges all healthcare […]

Study: Birth Injuries Cause Developmental Delays

According to in-depth research and ongoing studies by a series of medical researchers and doctors, birth injuries are the most common cause of developmental delays. Birth injuries can manifest in different ways, each causing different […]

Infant Oxygen Deprivation Not Always The Cause of Brain Damage

When people think of infant brain damage, usually one of this first things that comes to mind is infant oxygen deprivation.  Although infant oxygen loss accounts for some brain damage causes, a new study reveals […]