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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder After a Birth Injury

Although post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is generally associated with traumatic events such as war, assault, or a disaster, around 1 to 6% of women experience it after childbirth. The majority of women who experience PTSD […]

Healthcare-Associated Infections Causing Death Among Infants

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are diseases or illnesses that patients develop while in the care of a medical environment, such as a hospital and/or medical center. Around 1 out of every 25 patient in a medical environment […]

Premature Births and Birth Injuries: The Link

A premature birth, or preterm birth, occurs when an infant is born three weeks or more before the 40th week of pregnancy. Premature births are often dangerous, and lead to a host of lifelong problems. […]

Zoloft Lawsuit Filed by California Mom

A California mother filed a lawsuit in St. Clair county last month against Pfizer, the makers of the antidepressant drug, , as well as Greenstone LLC and Pfizer R&D Cortex District. The lawsuit comes after the plaintiff […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis Medications Linked to Birth Defects

A study by the Mayo News Network suggests that some of the most popular rheumatoid arthritis medications may be linked to a number of medical problems, including miscarriage and birth defects. RA is a medical […]

Kids with Cerebral Palsy: Education Options in Public Schools

Kids with cerebral palsy (CP), even a mild form, can have physical limitations that pose challenges in their day-to-day lives.  Many kids with cerebral palsy also have other conditions that affect how well they learn.  […]

Veterans Exposed to Chemicals Linked to Birth Defects

Military personnel constantly face danger.  The men and women who serve certainly accept some risks as part of the job.  However, many veterans and their families suffer unexpected consequences because they were exposed to toxic […]

Infant Heart Screenings at Birth Now Mandatory in Two States

An influx of birth injuries and life-threatening birth defects has caused Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to create laws requiring infant heart screenings to occur shortly after birth. Infant Heart Screening Laws According to reports, Scott Walker, Governor […]

Risperdal Birth Defects Lawsuits Filed

Johnson & Johnson, along with one of its companies, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, were named as defendants in several lawsuits this month.  The lawsuits stem from several claims that patients taking Risperdal were not warned that the […]

Newborn Brain Injury Study Results Released by Physicians

A new report focusing on newborn brain injury and other birth injuries was recently released by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). This is first such […]