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How To Explain the Coronavirus to Kids and Answer Their Questions

Millions of families’ lives are upside down right now thanks to the novel coronavirus COVID-19.  With schools shut down, businesses closed and shelter in place orders preventing visits with friends and family, there is no […]

Studies Suggest Coronavirus May be Transmitted Mother-to-Baby

As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States, there are numerous concerns about general healthcare during this time.  One of the most significant concerns is prenatal and obstetrical care.  More specifically, […]

Premature Infants are Most At Risk for Developing Cerebral Palsy

During pregnancy, women do everything right.  Eating healthy, getting healthy levels of exercise, taking supplements and attending all prenatal appointments.  Unfortunately, sometimes infants suffer medical issues despite the best efforts of the mother.  One of […]

What is a Nuchal Cord Birth Injury?

Expectant parents often hear stories about umbilical cord problems during labor and delivery.  The most common umbilical cord problem occurs when the cord gets wrapped around the baby’s neck.  This is called a nuchal cord.  […]

Four More Inclined Sleepers Recalled in Efforts to Prevent Infant Deaths

In January 2020, four more companies announced voluntary recalls of inclined sleepers.  Federal regulators are pushing manufacturers to pull inclined sleepers from the market entirely amid concerns about infant deaths.  You may recall in April […]

New Data on Maternal Mortality Rates in the United States

A new report reveals changes in maternal mortality rates in the United States. At Birth Injury Guide, we know how important maternal health is to new and growing families. In this post, we offer you […]

Clinical Trial Tests if Viagra Could Reduce the Risk of Placental Insufficiency

A recent clinical trial suggests that Viagra could be the key to reducing placental insufficiency.  During the trial, 300 women were equally administered sildenafil (Viagra) or a placebo.  The results, published in the American Journal […]

Researchers Find that Therapeutic Cooling can Target Site of Brain Injuries in Newborns

When an infant suffers a lack of oxygen at birth, doctors have very little time to intervene and prevent further brain damage.  Currently, the best method for treating brain injuries in newborns is hypothermia treatment, […]

Women Concerned about Giving Birth at Hospitals Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Pregnant women around the world are talking to their doctors about how the coronavirus outbreak could affect their pregnancies and deliveries.  While research continues to assess COVID-19 and possible dangers for pregnant women and newborns, […]

Hoboken Infant Brain Injury Malpractice Case Settles for $7.1 Million

A Bayonne, New Jersey family has reached a settlement with Hoboken University Medical Center for $7.1 million.  The settlement may finally conclude the two-year infant brain injury malpractice case the family filed after the birth […]